Load Testing Streaming Platforms

Thursday, June 8th at 2pm CET

For streaming applications - a positive user experience and sustained audience engagement are highly-correlated with video playback performance. Viewers will begin abandoning a video if their content doesn't stream within seconds. Even a delay of up to 5 seconds will result in the loss a quarter of your audience.

Depending on the computer and/or the device, format of the streaming will vary. This means that the multimedia service needs to be able to handle the most popular adaptive streaming format to allow all users, their devices uniterrupted access to content. When creating new multimedia applications, developers must now consider something new - user experience streaming performance under load.

Join us for this live webinar to learn first-hand:

  • The importance of streaming and testing
  • What is the typical architecture
  • What are the challenges and the important features required to realistically test streaming



Henrik Rexed, Partner Solution Evangelist, Neotys

John Greenstein, Vice President - Americas Sales and Business Development, Qumu

Hari Krishnan Ramachandran, Director - Quality Engineering & Assurance - NFT CoE, Cognizant Technology Solutions

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